Infrastructure Services

From your first laptop to your current inventory of desktops, laptops, phones, specialty software, networks, service contracts and even your IT staff and contractors, you are now in charge of a significant business asset called “infrastructure”.  Your business can’t operate without it, and all these infrastructure systems must interact.  Unless you are a very large operation, you probably can’t afford to hire full-time staff with expertise in all these areas.  That’s where we come in.

Your infrastructure usually includes some or all of the following:

  • Hardware: Computers, data centers, servers, hubs, routers and switches and the like.
  • Software: Programs that handle your project management, financials, manufacturing, warehouse management, accounting, sales and business management
  • Networks: includes your internet service, security and firewall, and network enablement
  • Human Component: (aka "meatware")  this includes not only network administrators, but all the designers and developers that have provided custom work for your business and all the staff, trained or otherwise, that access and use your hardware, software and networks. 

RGC and Associates can manage your current assets, providing hands-on services and support.  We can also install new hardware and software, so that all your applications run smoothly with minimal downtime and disruption for your business.  We will survey your entire site, help you plan installation, configure your new hardware and software and provide startup assistance once your new equipment is installed.

We can also design and install cost-effective local and wide area networks for companies of all sizes.

RGC and Associates has technical consultants that are Cisco, Dell and Microsoft certified. We will evaluate your current assets and design a custom service plan that matches your current assets, service needs and staff capacity. This service plan will include:
    -documentation of all assets included in service agreement
    -specific levels of support staff availability depending on the urgency of the issue

Additional services include:    
  • Desktop setup, configure and deployment, CAT5/CAT6 cabling, DMARC design, configuring and installation, 
  • COM racks, Server cabinets. Servers and routers, we deliver professional end-to-end networking know-how. 
Optional networking services we offer:
  • CAT5/CAT6 cabling
  • Hardware, Server, Software installation and configuration
  • Firewall, Router and Switches, managed or unmanaged setup
  • Wireless solutions
  • VOIP       

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