IT Consulting

One of the most challenging aspects of running a business is managing all the hardware and software that we now depend on. Over time, your business has accumulated computers, phones, laptops, printers,networks and proprietary software. You also have accumulated significant amounts of data.  From customer lists to financial records and  project files, your storage, security and management needs will change over time.  Many businesses postpone vital upgrades because they are not sure what direction to take, and fear the disruptions that may accompany the implementation of new systems.

As you grow, you must continually upgrade and make smart decisions about the right direction to take when looking at the bewildering array of options, products and services. It can be a difficult task to decide what to buy, how much to spend, what specifications to select, and how to evaluate product offerings.

RGC and Associates will evaluate the capacities of your current systems, and help you develop a game plan to meet your business needs. We will also oversee the implementation of the plan, migration of data and staff support during the transition.

RGC has an extensive array of Technical Services comprised of highly skilled consultants and technical service staff. Our offerings include a wide range of technical services designed to meet operational requirements of most data centers. Our consulting-level associates and our technical team members can provide:

Program/Project Management
Systems Administration
Enterprise System Software Implementation and Configuration

Network Engineering
Assessment, Planning and Design
Change Management
Infrastructure Design & Install

Enterprise Management
Asset Inventory
Software/Change Distribution
Storage Management
Network Management
Client/Server Management
Application Management

Information Security
Assessment, Planning & Design
VPN Solutions
Policies & Processes

Systems Engineering
Analysis & Design
Capacity Planning
Performance Monitoring & Tuning
Multi-Platform Integration
Implementation & Conversion
Data Management

About Our Fees:
We design each service and consulting package to reflect the unique needs of your business, rather than locking you in to fixed programs.  You will find that our hourly rates are extremely competitive within our industry, and we can tailor your arrangements to suit your needs and priorities.

For more information about RGC IT Consulting or to schedule a FREE consultation, call us at 210-227-7422.

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