RGC and Associates, Inc.
"Providing a new approach to Enterprise  Management Services"

RGC and Associates is an IT services firm based in San Antonio, Texas, offering a wide range of skills and experience in consulting, engineering, design, systems integration and project management.

RGC is a proven provider of support services regardless of the size of the project. RGC has support packages designed to meet client requirements from both personal home based systems as well as home based businesses. The range of support package offerings includes offerings suited for small to medium businesses as well. We are also willing and able to tailor one of the packages for your needs or develop a tailored program to suit business requirements.

Along with a wealth of experience and skills regarding the delivery of IT services, RGC has also developed support plans and capabilities in assisting the K-12 educational community in improving their technology infrastructure. These plans are tailored to funding sources such as the E-rate program, RUS and many other grant programs.